Gardners offers

<p>Wholesaler Gardners is offering the winner of this year&#39;s Independent Bookseller of the Year award a prize of &pound;5,000.</p><p>The winner of the award, which will be presented at the 2010 Bookseller Industry Awards on 17th May, will be selected from the winners of the four regional shortlists. There have been 25 shortlisted bookshops from across the regions&mdash;North &amp; Scotland, Midlands/Wales, South-West, and South-East and London. The regional winners will be selected this week.</p><p>The prize money must be spent on marketing and promoting the winning independent bookshop. Advice on how to spend the cash will be provided by Midas Public Relations.</p><p>Bob Jackson, commercial director of Gardners, said: &quot;We are keen to support the award as a means of offering practical support to independent bookshops. The glory of winning an award is great but in these economic times, independents need practical fiscal support. There are a lot of initiatives in the industry, either from publishers and wholesalers, and we wanted to do something different that would really help the winning independent.&quot;</p><p>The Bookseller Industry Awards will be held at the Royal Courts of Justice on 17th May, on the first night of the Book Industry Conference.</p><p>Shortlists in full:</p><p><strong>North &amp; Scotland</strong><br />1 White Rose Books<br />2 Atkinson-Pryce Books<br />3 Linghams Booksellers<br />4 Guisborough Bookshop<br />5 The Mainstreet Trading Company<br />6 The Edinburgh Bookshop<br />7 Linlithgow Bookshop<br />&nbsp;<br /><strong>Midlands &amp; Wales </strong><br />1 Scarthin Books<br />2 Jarrold&#39;s Book Department<br />3 Warwick Books<br />4 Blandford Books<br />5 The Chepstow Bookshop<br />6 Mostly Books<br />&nbsp;<br /><strong>South-West</strong><br />1 Mr B&#39;s Emporium of Reading Delights<br />2 The Torbay Bookshop<br />3 Sarum College Bookshop<br />4 Hurley Books<br />5 Totnes Bookshop<br />6 One Tree Books<br />&nbsp;<br /><strong>South-East and London</strong><br />1 The Village Bookshop<br />2 Kemptown Bookshop<br />3 Barton&#39;s Bookshop<br />4 RD Franks<br />5 Maher the Bookseller<br />6 Pages of Hackney </p>