Gannon releases podcast series to mark debut novel

Gannon releases podcast series to mark debut novel

Emma Gannon is releasing a four-part series of podcasts to mark the publication of her debut novel Olive (HarperCollins).

The series will be launched on her regular podcast "Ctrl Alt Delete", and sees her joined by a variety of guests to discuss the obstacle courses of adulthood, motherhood, milestone decisions and friendship crossroads.

HarperCollins explained: “Through the main characters in Olive, Emma explores different perspectives on motherhood; Bea is a mother of three who loves her busy house being full of children; Cecily is pregnant and soon to be giving birth; Isla is going through IVF, and Olive does not see a future that involves having her own children. The podcast series sees Emma interview a different guest each episode about their own experiences of motherhood or being child-free.”

Guests include author Clover Stroud on her wild and sleepless nights in a house of five children and Jessica Hepburn discusses life after after spending £70,000 on 11 rounds of IVF without success. In other episodes, blogger Natalie Lee chats work and motherhood, while entrepreneur Emma Sexton speaks about living her life child-free by choice life.

Gannon said: "My hope is that this series celebrates the complexity, empathy and nuance of the childfree/motherhood dialogue which is what I wanted to get across in the writing of Olive."

All four episodes are released across podcast platforms today (23rd July), the same day Olive is released in hardback, e-book and audio.