Gangland thriller star Rose moves to Pan Mac in two-book deal

Gangland thriller star Rose moves to Pan Mac in two-book deal

Gangland thriller writer Jacqui Rose has moved to Pan Macmillan from Avon in a two-book deal.

Associate publisher Wayne Brookes acquired world English language rights from Darley Anderson at the Darley Anderson Literary Agency.

First book The Streets will publish in hardback in December 2021 and in paperback on 7th July 2022. The second novel will be published in hardback in December 2022 and in paperback in July 2023.

The synopsis for The Streets states: “Ten years ago, Jo Martin was released from prison after serving 12 years of a life sentence. She is now out on licence and she isn’t Jo anymore. Given a new identity by the courts, and with a different appearance, a ready-made history and even a change of age, Jo can pretend to be anyone…

“‘Cookie’ Mackenzie, is not only Ned Reid’s lover, but she also works for him. She supplies the girls….and boys for Ned’s clients. There’s always some runaway kid who needs shelter. Lorni Duncan needs to keep running, always looking over her shoulder, especially with a young child in tow. But how will she survive? The refuges are full and the last thing Lorni wants are the authorities getting involved. Drug addict Tabby Young sees everything, but no one sees her. Everyone believes Tabby’s just a hopeless junkie, but is that really all she is? Everyone has something to hide and a lot to lose, but which of them did Jo become?”

Rose was born in Manchester and grew up in a small village in South Yorkshire. She is now the author of over a dozen gritty British crime novels, most recently last year's Rival (Avon).

She said: “It’s hugely exciting for me to be joining Pan Macmillan and Wayne. I feel incredibly lucky to be working with him. Wayne’s love for commercial fiction, his vision, his passion and his loyalty to his authors truly make him the modern day Maxwell Perkins. I couldn’t be happier.’

Brookes added: “I’ve watched Jacqui Rose from afar for years. Her authentic style, depth of characterisation and tense plotting are the stuff of bestsellers. I could not be happier to welcome Jacqui to Pan Macmillan and we will be celebrating in great style by publishing The Streets in hardcover at the end of December 2021. It will be the first time Jacqui has been published in this format and her fans are going to devour this book.”