Game of Thrones app from HC UK

Game of Thrones app from HC UK

HarperCollins UK has teamed up with George R R Martin and digital product studio Reason to produce a new Game of Thrones app.

Released today (30th July), the free app is designed as a "bridge product" for fans of the TV series who have not yet read the books.

The app asks users where they are in the storyline and then offers them a spoiler-free selection of over 40 extracts from across the books, along with maps and introductions from the very first battle of the series to the infamous "Red Wedding" scenes.

The extracts are between five and 25 minutes long and are designed to allow new readers to relive iconic moments from the show, while getting a taste of George R R Martin's writing, a spokesperson for HarperCollins UK said.

The product was designed in collaboration with digital studio Reason and has incorporated input from Martin and also fans of the Game of Thrones TV show and will be free for users to download on iPhone or iPad across the world, apart from in the US, Canada and the Philippines.

Jane Johnson, publishing director at HarperVoyager, said: “We are thrilled to be able to offer this new way into the books, and to enable TV fans to discover how much they have to look forward to from the reading experience.”

HarperCollins’ product director Dave Lee added: “HarperCollins is committed to building innovative products that serve a clear user need and we're delighted we've found a seamless way for fans of the TV series to get into the rich world of the books.”

The app was produced in conjunction with fans of the TV after several focus groups identified a need for a product to seamlessly take TV fans into the literary world of A Song of Ice and Fire.  A spokesperson said: “It was a very collaborative, iterative process.”

HarperCollins will continue to update the app in line with future seasons of the TV show, and with upcoming books, including the forthcoming A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, the prequel novellas to A Game of Thrones which will be published this October.

Link to preview of the app: