Gallic acquires Carey’s Fish House

Gallic acquires Carey’s Fish House

Gallic Books has acquired Edward Carey’s latest novel Fish House

Fish House will be published in September 2019 after Gallic acquired UK, Europe and Commonwealth rights, excluding Canada, from Isobel Dixon at Blake Friedmann.

Carey’s latest work reimagines the story of Pinocchio and focuses the years when his father Geppetto was trapped within the belly of a shark. “In absolute isolation and with no hope of escape, Geppetto’s harrowing account of man in extremis becomes the perfect vessel for something rich, strange, and utterly unique,” reads the synopsis. 

Jane Aitken, founder and m.d. of Gallic books, said: “Part cri de coeur, part tribute to the importance of art and part psychological study, Edward Carey’s latest book will undoubtedly leave its mark on the literary landscape for generations to come. Reading Fish House it’s easy to see how Carey has garnered high praise from the likes of Margaret Atwood, AL Kennedy, Max Porter and Celeste Ng.”  

Dixon at Blake Friedmann said: “Fish House not only showcases Carey’s extraordinary flair for writing, it also contains beautiful images and photographs of the ingenious creations Geppetto fashions in his imprisonment. That unique Carey-esque touch is clear, but the work has moved on from the delicate drawings of Little into a new, uncanny realm with this underwater story.”

Fish House comes after Carey’s semi-fictionalised biography of Madame Tussaud Little (Aardvark), which has combined sales figures of 4,316 since October 2018.