Galley Beggar presses into non-fiction

Galley Beggar presses into non-fiction

Galley Beggar Press (GBP) will launch a non-fiction list in early 2016 with a memoir by novelist Toby Litt and a title from début writer Megan Dunn. 

Eloise Millar, co-director of GBP, said: “We’ve always wanted a non-fiction list as part of the Galley Beggar range, but we also knew that we needed to wait for the right writer. That two have come along at once makes us feel incredibly lucky. They are both hugely talented, compelling writers; they have wonderful stories to tell and they tell them in interesting ways. Together, they make just the start we were dreaming of.” Both books will cost £11. 

Litt’s Wrestliana, centres around his research into the life of his great-great-great-grandfather William Litt, who was a champion Cumberland wrestler as well as a smuggler and poet. The book is “an exploration of what our ancestors mean to us and a highly entertaining as well as thoughtful reflection on managing life in 21st -century Britain”. World rights, excluding the US, were acquired from Cathryn Summerhayes at WME. 

New Zealand-born Dunn is a recent creative writing graduate who describes her début, Tinderbox, as “an exploration of the demise of a chain bookseller through the lens of Ray Bradbury’s heated classic Fahrenheit 451”. 

Dunn said: “In the past few years there have been seismic changes in the book industry and many lumbering giants such as Borders have collapsed . . . The rise of independent booksellers and publishers has been one of the gifts and it feels right for Tinderbox to come out with GBP, which is committed to publishing good books outside of the mainstream.” GBP bought world rights from Veronique Baxter at David Higham.