Galley Beggar seeks 'surprises' through open submissions

Galley Beggar seeks 'surprises' through open submissions

Norwich-based independent publisher Galley Beggar Press is opening up general submissions in order to "keep [itself] open to surprises and the wider world".

Sam Jordison, co-founder of Galley Beggar Press, told The Bookseller the move was part of a concerted effort to ensure it was "outward facing", along with a drive to gather submissions before the summer. He added that it was "partly a political decision" with the press hoping to attract a variety of submissions from overseas as well as the UK.

"We're opening them because they've been closed for so long," he said. "We still have a backlog of manuscripts, but we also want to make sure we're outward facing and that people can get through to us, and that people who aren't in our network have a chance to break through."

He added the publisher also wanted to be "open to the world" and send a message after the country voted to exit the European Union last year.

"We are proud citizens of nowhere - and would hope that our list can reflect that," Jordison said. "We don't just want books from our little corner of England - we want the best books from everywhere and anywhere... We want to welcome the world and sell to the world and to be a part of the world. Brexit shames us all dreadfully and we want to try to do something to instil a bit of pride again."

Jordison went on to say that although finances were "precarious" at the small press, artistically "things are just superb at the moment". He cited forthcoming releases We that are young by Preti Taneja, to be released in August and We Are The End by Gonzalo Garcia, out in September.

He said: "We that are young has developed a buzz we've never seen before. It just feels like it's going to be huge. And we're so proud of it. It's just a brilliant, brilliant book. We're also just about to send out We Are The End, which is wonderful in a whole different way. Among other things, it's the first English language book from a new anti-magical-realism movement in Chile. A new generation of talented, angry writers who are shaking off the whimsy of the past with superb, funny, heartbreaking novels about real life in a country that bore the brunt of Milton Friedman's absurd economic ideas even before Thatcher came along... It's also worth noting that We are the End is hilariously funny, as well as making all these serious points. And heart-wrenching. It's amazing, basically."

Submissions will be open until 31st July, with a second submission period commencing at the end of the year from 15th to 30th November. Guidelines are available on the new Galley Beggar website.