Galbraith reprint 'in shops by Friday'

Galbraith reprint 'in shops by Friday'

Little, Brown has said printer Clays is "working around the clock" on Robert Galbraith/J K Rowling's The Cuckoo's Calling (Sphere) in order to have copies in bookshops by Friday (19th).

"We are also working to get copies for shops in all our export territories by the weekend," publisher David Shelley said.
The reprint will feature a new author biography reading: "Robert Galbraith is a pseudonym for J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series and The Casual Vacancy".

Booksellers have complained of being unable to get print stock of Robert Galbraith/J K Rowling's The Cuckoo's Calling to fulfill the surge in requests from customers.

Rachel Howarth of The Edge of the World bookshop in Penzance said there had been interest from customers but she had not been able to obtain copies. "It's a bookseller's nightmare," she commented. Victoria Park Books in London's Hackney described the shortage of printed copies as "irritating." Stuart Havis at Topping & Company in Ely said he hoped to receive 35 copies direct from LBS this Wednesday (17th), commenting: “We’d had the title when it came out, but not in any great quantity; then on Sunday it exploded.”

A spokesperson for wholesaler Gardners said: "We are obviously working closely with the publisher to make sure the independent trade is supplied as soon as possible. We hope that the stock should be available at the back end of this week. The books will leave here for shops virtually as soon as they arrive."
Other booksellers sounded a more bullish note. Venetia Vyvyan of Heywood Hill bookshop in Mayfair, where much of the novel is set, commented: “We’ve ordered more than 30 copies which is an astronomical number for us.  I’m glad J K Rowling did it this way—it’s fun. It adds to the gaiety of life. Bully for her.”

Signed first edition specialists Goldsboro, off Charing Cross Road, was an early backer for the book, taking 250 signed copies on publication and selling 150 ahead of the revelation. “We sold the rest on Sunday morning when the news broke,” said bookseller Pavla Safratova. “We had no idea about the identity of the author. We found it odd that no one would tell us. It was a well-kept secret at first.”
The delay in print copy availability may boost sales of the e-book. Most retailers have it at £8.49, but Sainsbury’s is selling it for £7.49 until Friday (19th), with Amazon matching that price for the Kindle edition.