Gail Rebuck to speak at Quantum Conference

Gail Rebuck to speak at Quantum Conference

Baroness Gail Rebuck, chair of Penguin Random House, will be the the opening keynote speaker at the Quantum Conference next April.

The new conference held on the eve of London Book Fair on 11th April replaces the Digital Minds conference which has previously occupied the slot.

The  "data driven" conference, sponsored by the Copyright Clearance Center, is hoped to be "an unmissable blend of new insight, research and networking", operating in collaboration with Nielsen to provide session-specific data. It will "consider how the content industries are changing as developments at the cutting edge of science and technology take us beyond the digital and into the quantum age".

LBF has said Baroness Rebuck's appearance is representative of a "tradition" for keynote speakers that are "drawn from the very top of the book, media and technology sectors".

Rebuck said: “Being asked to speak about ‘Publishing and the Author – past, present and future’ may at first seem counterintuitive as Quantum was established to explore innovation trends in our industry, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the centrality of the author and their book whether in physical or digital form. It reminds me of the campaign slogan in the 1992 Clinton election – ‘it’s the economy, stupid’. Substitute ‘book’ for ‘economy’ and we have an interesting provocation.”

Professor of philosophy, Nick Bostrom from Oxford University and The Future of Humanity Institute has also accepted to speak as the programme's "Author of the Day", in association with Bookomi. 

His work brings mathematics, science and philosophy together to consider how artificial intelligence will affect our world and the conference organisers said he "provides an intriguing model on how publishers could collaborate more effectively with content professionals from other media".

Professor Bostrom is a celebrated TED speaker and author of Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies (OUP). His appearance will mark the first time an author of non-fiction has addressed The London Book Fair’s Monday conference.

Early bird tickets for Quantum: Publishing & So Much More are now available, priced £360.00 (inc VAT) until 11th February 2016.