Gabaldon signs with Cornerstone

Gabaldon signs with Cornerstone

Diana Gabaldon is to publish three new Outlander novels with Cornerstone imprints Century and Arrow, with the series moving from Orion to the Penguin Random House division.

Gabaldon is the second author to make a move from Orion to Cornerstone this week, following the announcement that Harlan Coben had signed with Century and Arrow.

Susan Sandon, m.d. of Cornerstone, and Selina Walker, publisher of Century and Arrow, acquired UK and Commonwealth Rights, excluding Canada, in three new Outlander novels and a volume of stories from Danny Baror of Baror International Inc. Gabaldon’s move means her global English-language publishing is now with PRH, as she is published by PRH division Delacorte Books in the US. It also means the author is reunited with her backlist – Century and Arrow were the original publishers of the first Outlander novel in 1991, along with five more novels in the series.

The novels, following Claire, a woman who is transported from post-Second World War Scotland to 18th century Scotland, where she meets Highland warrior Jamie, have recently been turned into a television drama, currently airing the US.

Gabaldon said: “I am of course delighted to be reunited with my backlist—but even more excited to be working with the wonderful people at Century/Arrow on future adventures."

Sandon called Gabaldon "one of our greatest storytellers", saying it was a "privilege" to publish her.

Walker said: “I fell in love with the Outlander series before I came into publishing, so to be publishing three new Outlander novels over the next few years is hugely exciting. This feels like a homecoming to me.”

Gabaldon has total sales of 593,674 books through Nielsen BookScan. The most recent Outlander novel, released in June this year, has sold 10,183 copies.

Century will publish the first book in the new contract in 2016.

Image by Barbara Schell