Further education investment from Bertelsmann

Further education investment from Bertelsmann

Bertelsmann is expanding its growth into education by investing in Alliant International University in the US.

Alliant specialises in psychology, has more than 3,700 students and operates 10 campuses in California, Mexico City, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

The investment will be made by the Bertelsmann-owned subsidiary Arist Education System. An international network of universities in the Health and Human Sciences sectors will be established under this umbrella in the next few years.

Thomas Rabe, chairman and c.e.o of Bertelsmann, said: “We believe that world-class education programs will make a big contribution to solving global healthcare challenges. Over the next few years, we will build a network of universities that deliver innovative education programs in various fields of the health and human sciences. Having already entered into the e-learning segment for the healthcare sector last October with the acquisition of Relias Learning, this is the second step in the expansion of our education business.”

Bertelsmann has been active in the education sector for several years and concentrates on three fields of education: e-learning, universities and services. In all three segments, there is a special focus on healthcare. In October 2014, the company bought Relias Learning – its largest acquisition since book publisher Random House in 1998. It also acquired a stake in the US education provider Udacity last year, and announced last week that it is increasing its investments in the education and digital media sectors in Brazil, China and India.