Friedman to publish Catch-22 e-book

<p>Joseph Heller&#39;s Catch-22 will be published as an e-book for the first time as part of Jane Friedman&#39;s new publishing venture, Open Road Integrated Media.</p><p>Speaking at the Frankfurt Book Fair last week, the former HarperCollins chief executive described Open Road as a &shy;&quot;content marketing com&shy;pany&quot;, which creates &quot;enhanced&quot; e-books of past and present authors, featuring author profiles, behind-the-scenes features and mini-documentaries.</p><p>Friedman said: &quot;We expect to use every bit of technology that&#39;s around at the moment to market the books and we are also looking at things that are being invented.&quot; She added that the &quot;author is the brand&quot; and will look to exploit this in the marketing.</p><p>Alongside Heller, other launch titles include books by William Styron, Pat Conroy and Iris &shy;Murdoch. Friedman added: &quot;Our mandate is that the e-book will be the centre of the &shy;universe.&quot;</p><p>As well as turning backlist titles into e-books, Open Road will also be focusing on new and unknown authors. The Studio division will turn new titles straight into e-books and Discovery will be a self-publishing division. Although the company&#39;s primary focus is e-books, the titles will also be available as print on demand.</p><p>With publishers that already hold digital rights, Open Road plans to be their &quot;marketing arm&quot; for niche backlist titles and selected front list. Grove Atlantic is one of the first publishers to sign up to this.</p><p>Friedman said that the first titles would be released in late winter/early spring and the company aims to market 750 to 1,000 titles in its first year.</p>