The Friday Project offers books to Stack subscribers

<p>The Friday Project has signed a deal with independent magazine service Stack to give the magazine&#39;s customers free books. Stack delivers a different independent magazine to its subscribers every month. Subscribers will be offered one of four books from The Friday Project when they sign up for another year&#39;s subscription. The books are Tom Reynolds&#39; <em>Blood Sweat and Tea</em>, Brad Listi&#39;s <em>Attention Deficit Disorder</em>, Ben Stevens&#39; <em>A Gaijin&#39;s Guide to Japan</em> and Bob Burke&#39;s <em>The Third Pig Detective Agency</em>.<br /><br />Scott Pack, publisher of The Friday Project, said: &quot;Stack&#39;s subscribers are the perfect audience for our books. By signing up top Stack they have proven themselves to be curious readers actively in search of something new, and I&#39;m sure the selection of books we&#39;ve chosen will capture their imaginations.&quot;<br /><br />Steven Watson, founder of Stack, said: &quot;The Friday Project&#39;s search for original work and Stack&#39;s championing of independent magazine works together perfectly. My subscribers want to find the best from beyond the mainstream and these books will make a great addition to the magazines Stack sends out.&quot;</p>