Freudenheim and Seegmuller buy Pushkin

Freudenheim and Seegmuller buy Pushkin

Foreign language modern classics publisher Pushkin Press has been bought by Adam Freudenheim, currently Penguin Classics publisher, and Stephanie Seegmuller, a former Penguin senior business development manager.

Freudenheim and Seegmuller concluded the deal for a list of 100 in-print books, with founding publisher of Pushkin, Melissa Ulfane, declining to comment on the value of the deal. 

Freudenheim will leave his role at Penguin, where he has worked for eight years, in a few weeks. He will be publisher and m.d. of Pushkin Press, with Seegmuller to be associate publisher and chief operating officer, effective immediately. Ulfane will remain attached to the publisher as a consultant on an informal basis. 

Also joining the Pushkin Press team will be Gesche Ipsen, who was previously an editorial assistant at Viking, joining Pushkin as editor and business manager.

Freudenheim said: "I've had a great time at Penguin and now feel it is the right time for me to move on. I'm very excited about taking on the challenge of further building the stellar Pushkin list in the years ahead and am looking forward to bringing my passion for international literature and beautifully designed books to the company."

He added: "We want to continue to make the books as beautiful aesthetically as they've been up to now; one of Pushkin's abiding strengths is the look and feel of the books, and we want to carry on with this tradition.  Digital books are here to stay, but we also believe there will always be readers like us who will want to own beautifully designed and printed books.”

Pushkin Press will also develop a Pushkin's children's list, aiming to bring "some of the best classic and contemporary children's literature from around the world to British and American readers."

Ulfane said: "It feels very much the right time to now handover the reigns to Adam and Stephanie. I feel I can not only entrust the values that Pushkin enshrines but also see it fly to new heights under their management and with the fresh skills, experience and passion they will bring."