French poll says publishers less reliable than a decade ago

French poll says publishers less reliable than a decade ago

Fewer French booksellers think publishers are "serious and reliable" than they did 10 years ago, a survey has revealed.

Among 430 representative outlets surveyed in a poll taken for French trade weekly Livres Hebdo between 8th-22nd April 2011, 71% of independents, cultural product chains, supermarkets, online bookshops, clubs, discounters and department stores said publishers were "serious and reliable", down from 96% in the last survey taken 10 years ago, and 90% said they were attentive to fashion and current affairs, down from 96%.

French booksellers gave publishers a positive overall rating in the survey.

In general, respondents considered that supply was in line with demand, especially in the most commercially dynamic sectors.

Altogether 93% of responses were positive for paperbacks, 92% were positive for literature and youth titles, 89% for comic books and manga, 85% for practical titles, 81% for coffee table books and 80% for essays and documents.

But opinions were less upbeat about book price levels. These were considered mediocre in all sectors, especially for literature (66%), coffee table books (61%)  and practical titles (52%). Paperbacks were an exception with a 73% positive response rate.