Frances Lincoln teams up with Natural History Museum

Frances Lincoln teams up with Natural History Museum

Quarto imprint Frances Lincoln Children’s Books and London’s Natural History Museum are launching a publishing partnership to create 10 non-fiction titles per year.

The books, for readers from pre-school age to 10, will be based on the museum’s exhibits, with a strong focus on themes such as evolution, biodiversity and sustainability. The line will include colouring-in and sticker books, designed by artists such as Alice Bowsher and design team Craig & Karl.

Frances Lincoln is also publishing activity books using artists from the museum’s archives, including Neave Parker, whose drawings of prehistoric animals first featured in The Illustrated London News in 1950.

The first books, ranging in price from £4.99 to £20, will launch in summer 2017 to coincide with the unveiling of the museum’s blue whale skeleton. They will be sold in the museum as well as bookshops, galleries and giftstores. 

The partnership was brokered by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books publisher Rachel Williams and Colin Ziegler, publisher at the museum.

Williams said: "The Natural History Museum is London’s natural treasure trove, and one of the most inspiring places for families to spend a day out. Our hope is that these books allow readers of all ages to take home a piece of this treasure and inspire what Darwin called a 'love for all living creatures'."

The Quarto Group currently distributes the museum’s adult and children’s lists.