France to push Euro library

<p>The European Digital Library (EDL) prototype Europeana will be launched at a meeting of European culture ministers on 20th November in Brussels, French culture minister Christine Albanel has said.</p><p>The EDL will be one of France&#39;s cultural priorities when it takes over the rotating six-month European Union (EU) presidency on 1st July.</p><p>It will offer initially at least 2 million print and audiovisual items from achives, libraries and museums. The French input will come from Gallica2, the digital library of the Biblioth&egrave;que Nationale de France&#39; (BNF). By the end of this year, Gallica2 will offer 120,000 of its own documents, including 40,000 in text mode, 1,400 periodicals, 100,000 images and more than 5,000 documents from other libraries.</p><p>Some of the documents will be copyrighted and protected through the system that has been under trial by Gallica2 since March. The Europe-wide project ARROW, which aims to create a database for orphan works and to select the best technical, legal and economic models for copyrighted works throughout the EU, will draw on the results of the French pilot scheme.</p><p>The cultural events to be held during the six-month French presidency include a conference on cross-border and online copyright in Paris on 18th and 19th September, and a conference on the EDL, also in Paris, on 28th November. </p>