Foyles to release sleep-detector bookmark

Foyles to release sleep-detector bookmark

The Bookseller ran the below article on the morning of 1st April 2015 as an April Fools story.

Foyles is adding to its range of book related gifts and stationery with an electronic bookmark which can sense when a reader has fallen asleep and wake them to continue reading, called boo!mark by Foyles™.

Created by LIDA, boo!mark by Foyles™ uses patented (pending) Snornar® technology to monitor breathing patterns in order to detect any snoring or heavy breathing before waking readers from slumber with a “boo!” that is available in a range of volume settings.

It will be launched with a 60 second spot advert demonstrating how it works, which shows a man reading in bed until he starts drifting off to sleep in an uncomfortable position. The video closes with the campaign’s key message: “boo!mark by Foyles™, you’ll be well read… and well rested.”

Abel Dos Santos, Non-book buyer at Foyles, said: “We are always looking for products that appeal to readers and would make the perfect gift for book-lovers. We approached LIDA with a brief to create a distinct gift, unique to Foyles, that would delight  our customers. The boo!mark by Foyles™ is perfect because it solves a genuine problem. We all know someone who falls asleep when they read, and even the best page-turner can’t stop you eventually drifting off when you’re reading at night. boo!mark by Foyles™ will help readers to keep alert through more of their favourite books.”

Helen Lederer, comedian and author of Bollinger Everyman Woodhouse Prize shortlisted novel Losing It (Pan Macmillan), said: "It’s unbelievable it took so long to invent what will be a lifesaving gadget for so many nightime relationships. At last!  unsavoury sounds while reading in bed – can be halted –by this ingenuous simple ‘boo’ reaction. A kind way to engage with technology  and literature in one vibe. This has got to be the next best stocking filler –anytime of the year - and will up Foyles profit margin in a twinkling ”

Meanwhile Mark Forsyth, best-selling author of The Etymologicon, The Horologicon (Icon Books) said: "As an author, any device that really pushes the reader that extra mile into Chapter Two is a godsend. I'm thinking of asking Foyles if they can turn it into a two-for-one offer - 'The Elements of Eloquence' and the device that keeps you reading it."

Nicky Bullard, executive creative director, LIDA, added: “We’re thrilled to be working with Foyles again. It’s not often you get to work on a ground-breaking product.  This is new tech at its best; useful and designed with real behavioural insight into the end user.”

The boo!mark by Foyles™ is available from today priced at £7.99.