Fourth missing Hong Kong bookseller returns home

Fourth missing Hong Kong bookseller returns home

A fourth Hong Kong bookseller has returned home after going missing six months ago.

Lam Wing-kee was the fourth of five men associated with Mighty Current publishing house - which specialises in gossipy books about the China leadership - and its Causeway Bay Bookshop, who went missing in the last weeks and months of 2015.

According to Reuters, the police have said that he returned to Hong Kong early on Tuesday (14th June).

He has said he does not need any assistance from the government or police following his disappearance and reportedly asked police to cancel his missing person case, refusing to disclose other details regarding his absence.

Reuters said Lam was not available for comment, which follows the pattern of behaviour of the other four missing booksellers who returned to Hong Kong.

Only one of the five, Gui Minhai, remains in detention in China for "illegal trading" of banned books in mainland China.

Lee Bo, a British citizen, returned to Hong Kong in March this year. He was widely believed to have been illegally kidnapped by mainland agents in China who did not like the gossipy books he published about the Chinese government.

Concerns over their welfare have been expressed by the International Publishers Association, the European and International Booksellers Federation, the Booksellers Association, Amnesty International and many others.