Fourth Estate falls for Petter's Millennial Love

Fourth Estate falls for Petter's Millennial Love

Fourth Estate has signed an exploration of modern dating from Independent journalist and host of the “Millennial Love” podcast Olivia Petter.

PR and publishing director Michelle Kane acquired world rights to Millennial Love direct from the author. Out in summer 2021, the book will combine memoir with social commentary and anecdotes from famous faces.

The synopsis explains: “Millennial Love explores the questions, quirks and anxieties that consume the contemporary dating landscape. Olivia Petter scrutinises the myths surrounding modern romance and asks why, despite having endless technology designed to aid communication, its’s harder to meet someone now than ever before. The book is based on the Independent’s chart-topping podcast of the same name and will expand on some of the issues discussed on the show, including why contraception is a feminist issue, how dating apps have altered our understanding of attraction, and how 'Love Island' has become the unlikely lens through which the consequences of so many of these things are exposed." 

Petter said: “I am thrilled to be working with Michelle and Fourth Estate on this exciting project. There’s never been a more fascinating time to explore the ways we fall in and out of love. I hope the subjects covered in the book will resonate with anyone who finds modern dating bizarre, hilarious, outrageous and terrifying—because it is!”

Kane added: “I very much admire the breadth and style of Olivia’s writing and broadcasting on the topic of Millennial love and its myriad facets, particularly how she can make sense of something that can feel like a riddle to the rest of us. I’m absolutely over the moon to be working with her on this project which I know will connect with so many readers.”