Fourth Estate acquires Lena Dunham

Fourth Estate acquires Lena Dunham

Fourth Estate has acquired rights in the book of essays by writer/director/actress Lena Dunham which went for a reported $3.5m in the US.

Executive publisher David Roth-Ey bought English language UK and Commonwealth rights, excluding Canada and non-exclusive Europe, from Felicity Rubinstein of Lutyens & Rubinstein who was acting on behalf of Kimberly Witherspoon of Inkwell Management and United Talent Agency. Fourth Esate Australia will be publishing the book in Australia.

The publisher declined to comment on the advance paid for the title.

The book is a collection of autobiographical essays which the publisher said evoke the work of Caitlin Moran, Woody Allen and Nora Ephron, covering topics from dating, dieting and dressing-up to overwrought emailing and crying at work.

Roth-Ey said: "We’re thrilled to welcome Renaissance girl and rising literary star Lena Dunham to the 4th Estate list. Her work, committed to challenging convention to drive cultural change, is already receiving critical acclaim."

Commissioning editor Katy Whitehead said: "Lena embodies so many qualities that young people aspire to: she is witty and brave and smart and wise. She’s also a brilliant essayist, capturing the intricacies of modern life in a way that is at once totally recognizable, and fresh and new.

"Present throughout this collection, as in 'Girls', is Lena’s resistance to received ideas about which stories are important enough to tell."