Former Lion Hudson m.d. Nick Jones dies

Former Lion Hudson m.d. Nick Jones dies

Nick Jones, who retired less than two months ago as managing director of Christian publisher Lion Hudson plc, has died, aged 55. 

Jones passed away "suddenly but peacefully" at his home on Thursday 4th August, according to his former colleagues at Lion Hudson, who said they were "deeply saddened" by the news.

Jones spent 35 years working in the publishing industry. He held the position of m.d. at Lion Hudson, based in Oxford, from September 2014 until his retirement in June 2016, prior to which he was m.d. of Angus Hudson Ltd. He became deputy managing director of Lion Hudson plc when the two companies merged in 2003.

When his retirement was announced in February this year, chairman Nicholas Gray and deputy m.d. Suzanne Wilson-Higgins had paid tribute to Jones as "an encouraging and visionary leader of the company," and "a supportive colleague and friend".

Jones is survived by his wife Carol, who also retired recently from Lion Hudson, where she was children's publisher, having set up the Candle Books imprint with her husband.

A funeral, to be attended by close friends and family, will take place later this month.

Lion Hudson has invited any messages of condolence to be sent direct to its offices to pass on. Lion Hudson editor-at-large Tony Collins and senior designer Roger Chouler are also compiling a volume of tributes and stories, which can be contributed to by contacting