Former Jonathan Cape publicity director Marilyn Dugdale dies

Former Jonathan Cape publicity director Marilyn Dugdale dies

Marilyn Dugdale, former publicity director of Jonathan Cape, has died aged 71 from cancer.

Dugdale, who was also known as Marilyn Edwards and Marilyn Moorhouse, worked at the Publishers Association, as key accounts manager at Random House and penned books under the name Marilyn Edwards.

She died on 28th June leaving behind two sisters Judy and Margot, along with step children Kalycitta, Andrew, Michael, Damian, John and Oliver.

Mike Broderick, who was the group sales director at Random House when Dugdale worked there, said: "Marilyn was a leading member of the RH Key Accounts team for many years. She always displayed an infectious enthusiasm for our authors and titles, which she coaxed onto the display tables and shelves of the UK's booksellers through the sheer force of her ebullient personality. She was very popular throughout the book trade, and this is a very sad loss.”

Dugdale’s funeral will be held on Wednesday 12th July in Kirkby Lonsdale. For details of the funeral, contact her sister Margot Edwards on