Former firefighter's memoir to Mirror Books

Former firefighter's memoir to Mirror Books

Trinity Mirror's book publishing imprint Mirror Books has acquired Falling Through Fire, a memoir by former London firefighter and BBC journalist Clifford Thompson that recounts his personal experiences of high profile disasters over a 25 year career.

Trinity Mirror's content sales director Fergus McKenna signed the World English language rights from Kate Johnson, UK agent for Wolf Literary Services in New York City.

The book looks back at several disasters which made national and international news including the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the Paddington train crash and the 1987 King’s Cross fire. It reveals that many of the safety recommendations that came about as a result of a fire on the London Underground were still to be implemented 20 years after the tragedy. The book includes interviews and a "substantial amount" of archive information.

At the heart of the book, however, is the story of the death of a three year-old boy who died in Thompson’s arms following a house fire. Many years after the fire, and now working as a journalist, Thompson decides to search for the boy’s mother to seek closure, and hear her account of the night her son died.

Thompson is a graduate of the City University of London MA programme in narrative non-fiction.

Mirror Books will publish Falling Through Fire on 7th September 2017.