Limited £120 edition of Mort sells out in 13 hours

Limited £120 edition of Mort sells out in 13 hours

The Folio Society Limited Edition of Mort has become the fastest selling title in Folio history – selling out in 13 hours. The edition of the Terry Practhett novel, which was limited to 500 copies, went on sale for £120 a copy at midday yesterday (10th May).

The book was bound in black leather (to replicate Mort’s volume in Death’s own library) with the title blocked in gold leaf on the spine, and is accompanied by an exclusive print signed by the artist, Omar Rayyan.

Folio editorial director, Tom Walker, said: "We simply couldn’t resist following what felt like a design instruction directly from the bony hand of Death – in the final pages of the book Death’s apprentice, Mort, is given the book of his own life from his master – we followed the description precisely to create this wonderful limited edition version of the Folio Mort. Both editions feel worthy of a place on the shelves of the Unseen Library."

Walker told The Bookseller that sales of the book have been to customers across the world and to collectors of Folio editions as well as Pratchett fans.

The collector’s edition of Mort by Terry Pratchett is still available to purchase. "Vibrantly" illustrated by Rayyan, a long-time fan of the series, and introduced by A.S. Byatt, it features a velveteen cloth binding with an illustrated inset paper label. The spine sports a tiny silver A’Tuin, the great disc-carrying turtle.