Flanimals in film version

<p>Ricky Gervais&#39; Flanimals children&#39;s books are to be turned into a CGI feature film, in a deal between Faber &amp; Faber and Illumination Films.</p><p>The film will be produced by Chris Meledandri, who recently produced &quot;The Simpsons Movie&quot; and &quot;Ice Age&quot;. </p><p>Gervais said: &quot;I&#39;m very excited about &quot;Flanimals The Movie&quot; because I&#39;ll probably be the part of Puddloflag. It will be weird to hear my voice coming out of a short, fat, purple, sweaty creature (with a Reading accent).&quot;</p><p>In addition, according to Faber, the three Flanimals titles, <em>Flanimals</em>, <em>More Flanimals</em>, <em>Flanimals of the Deep</em> and <em>Flanimals: Day of the Bletchling</em>, which are illustrated by Rob Steen, have recently reached 1 million copies in print. </p>