Five-figure footie book for C&R

<p>Constable and Robinson has acquired the rights for a book by sports writer, Michael Henderson. Andreas Campomar editor at Constable &amp; Robinson bought world rights from Henderson himself for a five-figure sum. <br /><br /><em>50 People Who Fouled up Football</em> will be published by Constable in hardback in October this year. The book will name and shame 50 people that Henderson believes to have ruined the &#39;beautiful game&#39;. The names will include players, managers, broadcasters, referees, chairmen, agents, politicians, administrators and even the celebrity fan.<br /><br />Henderson said: &quot;The old football culture means little to the new Masters of the Universe. The links between club and community have been cast aside, and many players live in a different world, where they feel free to behave as they like&mdash;which is sometimes spectacularly badly. Now the game is richer and can attract the world&#39;s leading stars, but is infinitely poorer in spirit.&quot;<br /><br />Henderson has written about sport for many national newspapers including the <em>Times</em>, the <em>Telegraph </em>and the <em>Daily Mail</em>, but this will be his first book.<br /><br />Last Christmas, Constable published Quentin Letts&#39; <em>50 People Who Buggered Up Britain</em> and Campomar said he is hoping to build on the success of this title.</p>