Fitzcarraldo Editions lands Tumarkin's 'one of a kind' award-winner

Fitzcarraldo Editions lands Tumarkin's 'one of a kind' award-winner

Fitzcarraldo Editions has landed a “one of a kind” award-winning book by Maria Tumarkin.

Publisher Jacques Testard acquired UK and Commonwealth rights excluding Canada, Australia and New Zealand to Axiomatic from Sam Cooney at Melbourne-based Brow Books. It will be released on 1st November.

The synopsis explains: “In five long sections, Maria Tumarkin’s Axiomatic tells true and intimate stories of a community dealing with the extended aftermath of a suicide, a grandmother’s quest to kidnap her grandson to keep him safe, one community lawyer’s battle inside and against the justice system, the effects of multi-generational trauma, and the history of the author’s longest friendship. In writing that is inventive, bold, and generous, Axiomatic is a brilliantly inventive exploration of how the past shapes our culture.”

Tumarkin is a cultural historian and writer of previous books including Traumascapes (Melbourne University Publishing) and Courage (Melbourne University Publishing). Axiomatic (Brown Books) was previously published in Australia in 2018 and won that year's Melbourne Prize for Literature Best Writing Award.

Testard said: “I am so pleased to be welcoming Maria Tumarkin to Fitzcarraldo Editions. She is a brilliant stylist with a very distinctive voice, whose work is somewhere at the intersection of narrative, reportage and essay. Helen Garner says that no-one writes like Maria Tumarkin and she's right: Axiomatic is one of a kind.”