First French Book Week launches

First French Book Week launches

A trio of European literary networks are set to launch the UK's first French Book Week this week. 

Launched by Literally Swiss, the European Literature Network and Pro Helvetia, French Book Week will be released as an online forum dedicated to French literature, translation and publishing in the UK.

The event aims to spotlight lesser known French literature, in addition to publicising the "big names" and to create a community for writers, translators and publishers. 

Running from the 13th to 17th July, each day of the week will have a different theme, including "authors' Monday", "translators' Tuesday" and "publishers' Friday". 

The events will be accessible via social media, using the hashtag #FrenchBookWeek. Content will include live and recorded interviews, seminars and podcasts, in addition to reviews and showcases of literary work. On 17th July, Publishing Without Borders will host a Swiss publishing seminar that examines the "pain and pleasure" of translation. 

Rosie Goldsmith, founder of French Book Week and director of European Literature and Literally Swiss, commented: “This is the time for big ideas. In the translated book world our funds, festivals, publications and book sales are in jeopardy. We must come together with new and original ways of collaborating. My love of French language and literature, its many shapes, forms and origins, is my starting point.”