First female librarian for Cambridge University

<p>Cambridge University has appointed its first female librarian in its 650-year history, reported <em>The Telegraph.</em></p><p>Anne Jarvis has been a deputy librarian since 2000 and will replace Peter Fox who has been in charge of the library for the past 15 years.</p><p>The library houses eight million books and volumes and has more than 100 miles of shelving. Every year a further two miles of shelving is added to cope with the extra books.</p><p>The library was granted depository status in 1710, entitling it to a free copy of every book, journal, map and music score published in the UK.</p><p>Jarvis is a graduate in history of Trinity College Dublin and she started her career in academic libraries at Dublin City University. She then moved back to Trinity College Dublin before moving to the UK to take up the post at Cambridge.</p>