First colour e-book reader ready

<p>Japanese company Fujitsu has unveiled what it has claimed as the first colour e-book reader. The device, which displays up to 260,000 colours, goes on sale in Japan on 20th April priced at 99,750yen (&pound;730).</p><p>The color e-paper terminal can store up to 5,000 paper-based books, can last up to 40 hours, and features an 8-inch display screen. The device is equipped with Bluetooth, and high-speed wireless. Along with the book reading software, it comes loaded with Windows CE 5, meaning support for e-mail, spreadsheets, and web browsing.<br /><br />Fujitsu has a target of selling 50,000 units by the end of 2010.<br /><br />The device has aleady been slated on various tech websites. &quot;The screen refresh rate is an astonishing 1.8 seconds,&quot; noted &quot;Although the Kindle&#39;s screen update isn&#39;t pretty (with that oddly eye-grabbing color-invert) it&#39;s at least speedy,&quot; <br /><br />Fujitsu Frontech and Fujitsu Laboratories co-developed proprietary color e-paper, and announced the launch of FLEPia in April 2007 as the world&rsquo;s first color e-paper mobile terminal. </p>