Fifty Shades Ltd made £10m profit last year

Fifty Shades Ltd made £10m profit last year

E L James’ own company Fifty Shades Ltd had a “very successful” year to the end of September 2014, with a turnover of £18.1m and profits of £9.8m.

However, this was down significantly on the previous year, when the company generated £43m with a profit of £25m.

In 2014 Fifty Shades Ltd secured “further royalty and licensing agreements”, said accounts filed with Companies House. Looking ahead, “the company continues to be profitable with income streams contracted to continue for a number of years”.

Those income streams will include James’ recently released Grey (Arrow), the story of Fifty Shades of Grey (Arrow) told through the eyes of Christian Grey, which was released earlier this month and became the fastest-selling adult paperback in the UK since records began.

There are also likely to be sequels made to the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, which was released in February this year in cinemas and has just been released on DVD.

The Guardian has said James is “sitting on cash and shares” worth more than £37m.