Field and Russell behind e4books

<p>Penguin c.e.o. Peter Field and Rachel Russell, business unit director for books at W H Smith, have thrown their weight behind BIC&#39;s e4books campaign, which aims to persuade the book trade of the necessity of embracing e-commerce in the supply chain.</p><p>Field and Russell will act as unofficial spokespeople for the campaign in the months leading up to e-day (1st May 2008), using trade forums to encourage companies to achieve efficiency gains through e-commerce.</p><p>Field said: &quot;As an industry we have been slow to challenge traditional practices which can hold us back in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We need to work together and use e-commerce to speed information exchange, reduce errors and cut waste.&quot;</p><p>Russell added: &quot;E4books is instrumental in rolling out our service offer, ensuring that we move the book industry forward as a whole, and we are very proud of our Commended accreditation.&quot;</p>