Fergie's novel hangs in the balance

<p>The long delayed historical novel by Sarah, Duchess of York, may never see the light of day after her collaborator claimed she was &quot;reconsidering her options&quot; about its future.</p><p>The book, which the Duchess has previously compared to Daphne Du Maurier, was due to be published by Macmillan at the end of this year. However, American historian and the Duchess&#39; collaborator, Laura Van Wormer, told the Daily Telegraph that publication of Hartmoor has been delayed indefinitely.</p><p>She said: &quot;The Duchess and I are reconsidering our original publishing plan and weighing a number of factors and options for the short term and for the long run. As soon as we come to a decision about which path we are to take, you shall know.&quot;</p><p>Set in 1812, Hartmoor tells the story of &quot;fiery, redheaded Lady Margaret Montagu&quot; who travels to America to find her kidnapped father and is said to be based on the author&#39;s Irish ancestry.</p>