FEP welcomes EU vote on piracy

<p>The Federation of European Publishers has welcomed a European parliament vote calling for a crackdown on piracy.</p><p>In parliament in Brussels yesterday, Marielle Gallo, a French conservative, said: &quot;We must apply on the Internet laws that protect intellectual property.</p><p>&quot;Otherwise it will be a jungle, and in the jungle it is the law of the strongest that prevails.&quot; Gallo&#39;s resolution also expressed regret about loopholes in anti-piracy law and the failure to impose criminal sanctions on online pirates.</p><p>In a statement, the FEP said: &quot;The leading cultural industry in Europe is satisfied that the majority of MEPs believes that creativity in Europe needs to be sustained and legal offers be promoted. Book publishers are increasingly publishing their books in several formats including&nbsp; digital versions, and piracy has become a serious threat for this sector.&quot;</p>