FEP launches copyright petition on Change.org

FEP launches copyright petition on Change.org

The Federation of European Publishers has launched a petition to promote the importance of copyright.

The petition, on Change.org, calls for authors, publishers, booksellers, translators, artists, photographers, journalists and readers to sign it to assert the importance of encouraging freedom of expression and the freedom to create and preserve the value of what has been created through copyright.

The FEP said: “In the ongoing debate on how to modernise the European Union framework, there are some who seek to convince us that copyright is outdated. We strongly oppose the suggestion that this fundamental freedom is not fit for purpose today – digitisation has not reduced but increased the need for copyright protection.”

The petition adds: “Today, we stand together to ask our elected politicians to offer their support for a robust copyright system that underpins the diversity of our cultures and allows the many differences of opinions to flourish.”

Last month, the Publishers Association rallied the UK’s European members of parliament to protect copyright ahead of the general election . It developed a paper called Publishing and the Digital Single Market, which it sent to all UK MEP’s, underlining the value of publishing and arguing that the digital single market is already a reality and therefore copyright is not in need of reform.

The paper was in response to a Pirate Party MEP who drafted is a report calling for wide-ranging reform to copyright, which was recently presented to the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee. The Reda Report – written by Julia Reda, an MEP for the German Pirate Party – argues that EU Copyright rules are maladapted to the increase in cross-border cultural exchange on the web.