FCBG picks environmental theme for National Non-Fiction November

FCBG picks environmental theme for National Non-Fiction November

The Federation of Children’s Book Groups (FCBG) is asking schools and libraries to share books about the planet we live on as part of National Non-Fiction November. 

The theme, "The Planet We Share", reflects concerns people have for our planet, particularly climate change and plastic pollution. Non-fiction can provide inspiration for taking action, as well as shine a spotlight on the wonder and beauty of the natural world, said the FCBG. 

It is running a number of competitions. Key Stage 1 children can draw or paint a toothbrush and suggest ways to reycle old toothbrushes to win a copy of M G Leonard & Daniel Rieley’s The Tale of a Toothbrush (Walker Books), and for KS2 and KS3 there is a poetry competition. Winners will be published on The Poetry Zone and receive a copy of The Poetry Guide, published by Troika Books, for their school, group or library.

There will also be a blog and book review tour involving authors Steve Cole, Nicola Davies and M G Leonard, and a booklist of 100 recommended titles will be available to download online. 

“Non-fiction is important because it feeds children's natural curiosity about the world around them as well as stimulating and informing their own thinking and development of their opinions,” said Annie Everall of the FCBG. “It inspires them and offers different ways of reading for information and pleasure. It also supports their understanding, learning and critical literacy development. For many children, particularly boys, who aren’t big readers, non-fiction can be a way to engage them in reading.”

National Non-Fiction Day was launched in 2010 and became a month-long celebration in 2014.