Faulks tie-in to BBC Books

<p>BBC Books editorial director Albert Petrillo has acquired a TV tie-in to a four-part documentary series on the British novel from novelist Sebastian Faulks. </p><p>With a working title of &quot;The Secret Life of the Novel&quot;, the series will be written and presented by Faulks for BBC2. Petrillo bought world book rights from Gillon Aitken at Aitken Alexander Associates for an undisclosed sum. </p><p>According to the publisher, the book and series will be &quot;subjective and opinionated&quot;, and present Faulks&rsquo; own personal take on the English novel over 300 years. In what is said to be &quot;the first psychological history of the novel&quot;, Faulks will approach each book novel primarily through its characters.&nbsp; </p><p>The publisher said the book was &quot;bound to provoke debate as viewers and readers discuss his &lsquo;hit&rsquo; list of essential novels&mdash;who made it, who didn&rsquo;t&mdash;and reacquaint themselves with these classic stories.&quot;</p><p><em>The Secret Life of the Novel</em> will be published on 5th May 2010 as a royal hardback, priced at &pound;20. </p><p><a href="../news/102802-bbc2-reveals-spring-2010-season.html" target="_blank">On Wednesday (11th November) BBC2 revealed its cultural spring highlights. </a></p>