Father and son's parallel memoirs

<p>Simon &amp; Schuster is publishing two different versions of the story of a boy&#39;s addiction to crystal meth: the boy&#39;s own, and his father&#39;s.</p><p><em>Tweak</em> by Nic Sheff is the author&#39;s memoir about his descent into methamphetamine addiction, via his first drink at the age of 11 to his subsequent pot, cocaine, ecstasy, crystal meth and heroin addictions. His father David Sheff&#39;s <em>Beautiful Boy</em> tells tells it from a parent&#39;s point of view, from the subtle early warning signs of Nic&#39;s addiction, to the denial and attempts at rehab. It has been selected for Starbucks&#39; books programme in the US.</p><p>S&amp;S publishes both books on 4th February, B<em>eautiful Boy</em> at &pound;11.99 and <em>Tweak</em> at &pound;7.99, and hopes both authors will visit the UK for publication. &quot;What is so fascinating is hearing the story from two perspectives,&quot; said publishing director Suzanne Baboneau. &quot;Nic&#39;s is in a hippier language; David&#39;s is the story of powerlessness that any parent could face. I think they sit alongside each other beautifully.&quot;<br /></p>