Farrago Starstruck by Miller's latest

Farrago Starstruck by Miller's latest

Duckworth Books imprint Farrago has acquired Starstruck by Beth Miller, a "laugh-out-loud story of a life swap between two performers of contrasting fame".

Pete Duncan, publisher, acquired world rights direct from the author, with publication scheduled for August 2021.

The synopsis reads: "Sally Marshall is just an ordinary woman who gets by performing as a tribute act to pop star Epiphanie (even more famous than Beyonce). That is until, one day, she is asked by the real Epiphanie to swap lives for a couple of weeks. While Epiphanie trades Madison Square Gardens for gigs in pubs, Sally is catapulted into the world of a mega-star. But which life will they each choose in the end?"

Farrago’s publishing and marketing executive Rob Wilding said: "Beth’s writing is multi-layered: brilliantly witty but also teeming with depth and substance. Starstruck will leave you feeling warmer about all the different lives we choose."

Miller, author of four novels including The Missing Letters of Mrs Bright (Bookouture), commented: "It was a joy to delve into the crazy, funny world of tribute acts. I hope readers will love exploring both that world – pub gigs and budget versions of costumes – as well as the rather different world inhabited by music superstars: huge venues, private islands, and media and adoring fans interpreting your every move."