Fantasy deals for Titan

Fantasy deals for Titan

Titan Books has acquired two new authors, marking its move into more female-orientated fantasy fiction.

Fiction editor Cath Trechman acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to five-books series The Collegium Chronicles by Mercedes Lackey from Danny Baror of Baror International.

The first three novels are scheduled for publication as b-format paperbacks and e-book from October to December 2012. Two further titles are due to be published in January and December 2013, respectively.

TrTrechman said: “Titan Books are honoured to be bringing one of Mercedes’ best-loved series to  UK readers, and introducing them to her remarkable fantasy world.”

Trechman also did a deal with Baror for UK and Commonwealth rights to the Glass Thorns series by Melanie Rawn. The series follows part elven, part fae, part human wizard Cayden Silversun, an aspiring acotr who “combines the talents of Merlin, Shakespeare, and John Lennon”.

Trechman said: “Melanie Rawn builds wonderful magical worlds through her writing which captivate readers, and we are very pleased to be bringing her new series to a UK audience.”

The first two titles in the four-book sequence, Touchstone and Elsewhens, will be published as b-format paperback and e-book in December 2012.