Falmouth bookseller to create 'Dog Tales'

Falmouth bookseller to create 'Dog Tales'

Falmouth Bookseller is gearing up to trial a unique way of procuring content for books at Splash Literary Festival this weekend.

As part of a packed weekend line-up, on Saturday (8th September) the bookshop will hold a competition called Dog Tales, which will involve six children and their family dogs pairing off with six illustrators, who will go away, work together and come back with a story and the front illustrated cover of a book after just 60 minutes. 

If the works are any good, they may be published by the Falmouth Bookseller’s publishing company Mabecron Books.

Owner Ron Johns said: “What can go wrong? Six well known illustrators, Michael Foreman, Michelle Cartlidge, Elina Ellis, Rebecca Cobb, Simon James and Caroline Uff, team up with six dogs, Ted, Brian, Big Max, Little Max, Stanley and Hebe and with the help of six children will create six illustrated  ‘Dog Tales’ in one hour. Each story will be performed at the Poly and judged by Mark Foreman, Jackie Butler and Ron Johns. Fur will fly!”

Other events at Splash Festival, in Falmouth include Michael Morpurgo speaking about “War Horse and other things” on Sunday 9th September and a “girls night in” on Friday (7th September) with discussions with authors such as Katie Fforde, Emily Barr, Judy Astley and Liz Fenwick at Dollys Wine Bar.