Falklands account to Preface

Preface has acquired an inside account of the Falklands War, written by Harry Benson who took part in the conflict as a 21-year-old Royal Navy commando helicopter pilot.

Scram!: The Untold Story of the Helicopter War in the Falklands will be published in hb in March 2012, just ahead of the 30th anniversary of the war on 2nd April.  

Publisher Trevor Dolby bought UK and Commonwealth rights through Annabel Merullo at PFD, with the book telling the story of incidents such as the Exocet strike that sunk the Atlantic Conveyor, a missile raid on Argentine high command in Port Stanley and helicopter crashes and rescues following a failed SAS mission.

Dolby said: "A great deal has been told about the Falklands war . . . the task force, the Sea Harriers, the Exocets, the Paras, the Marines. But it's extraordinary how little is known of the exploits of the young helicopter crews—many younger than Prince William who is about to embark on a tour of duty on the Islands—who made much of the war happen.

"Harry Benson was there and has written an extraordinary story."