Fair deals for air mercenaries expose

<p>Patrick Walsh of Conville &amp; Walsh has reported LBF deals for <em>Fifteen Extra Tonnes: The Secret Lives of the Outlaws who Rule the Skies</em> by British journalist Matt Potter.</p><p>British Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) to the book were sold on pre-empt to Ingrid Connell at Macmillan UK by Conville &amp; Walsh&#39;s Humfrey Hunter, immediately followed by &quot;sizeable&quot; deals in Italy and in Germany with Einaudi and Econ respectively. &quot;Both the German and Italian deals were concluded at the fair itself with editors who had fought their way over,&quot; Walsh said.<br /><br /><em>Fifteen Extra Tonnes</em> will tell the story of a group of air mercentaries flying giant cargo planes purchased from the old Soviet army into war and disaster zones around the world. The secret holds built into all these planes can carry 15 extra tonnes in weight of hidden goods, ranging from aid to guns. The book will be delivered in November this year.</p>