Faber signs young-adult fantasy series

<p>Faber has acquired the rights to a new young-adult fantasy series by Tricia Rayburn.<br /><br />In a pre-emptive deal, publishing director for children&#39;s books Julia Heydon-Wells bought UK and Commonwealth rights - excluding Australia and New Zealand - from Angharad Kowal, British rights director at Writers House.<br /><br />The series currently comprises three titles, the first of which is called <em>Siren. </em>The book follows the story of Vanessa, whose elder sister has just died. She investigates a string of water-related-fatalities where the victims are all found eerily grinning from ear to ear. The UK publication date for <em>Siren</em> is yet to be confirmed.<br /><br />Australian and New Zealand rights were also sold at auction to Penguin Australia.</p>