Faber signs Kingsnorth for Wake trilogy

Faber signs Kingsnorth for Wake trilogy

Faber has signed three books from Paul Kingsnorth, completing a trilogy begun with his Man Booker Prize longlisted novel, The Wake.

Lee Brackstone acquired UK and Commonwealth rights, excluding Canada, to two novels and a non-fiction book from Jessica Woollard at the Marsh Agency.

The first book, Beast, is scheduled for publication in March 2017. Set on the moors of the English west in the present day, it is a thematic follow-up to The Wake, published by crowd-funding site Unbound, which was set in England following the Norman conquest, and written in a version of Old English.

The third in the Trilogy, which is tentatively titled Green Gravel, will be set 1,000 years in the future, where the island has changed entirely.

Brackstone also signed non-fiction work The Meadow and The Mountain, exploring the relationship between technology and nature, based on the author's own smallholding in Ireland.

Brackstone said: "Paul Kingsnorth's novel, The Wake, was the discovery of the year for me and gives me faith that the avant garde historical novel is alive and well. We are welcoming to Faber a writer who belongs in the tradition of past greats like William Golding, Robert Graves, David Peace and Ted Hughes. His sensibility sits comfortably with theirs and his literary achievement could well go on to be their equal. He is that good."

The Wake was first published in April by Unbound, after being backed by users of the site for publication. It was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize in July.