Faber rushes through 'enormous' reprint of Orange winner

<p>Faber is rushing through &quot;an enormous reprint&quot; of Barbara Kingsolver&#39;s<em> The Lacuna </em>to match retailer orders following last night&#39;s Orange prize win. Although editor Hannah Griffiths was tight-lipped on the exact number being reprinted, she confirmed that by Monday night there would be a six-figure number of books in print. So far, more than 31,000 copies have been sold. </p><p>The publisher is also reprinting Kingsolver&#39;s backlist, focusing on her novels <em>Pigs in Heaven</em>, originally published in 1993, and her 2000 book <em>Prodigal Summer</em>. They are not being repackaged, although Kingsolver&#39;s name will appear in a larger font, and will include mention of the prize win.</p><p>Griffiths said: &quot;The extraordinary thing is that Barbara Kingsolver, for all that she is a bestselling novelist, known across the world to many readers, and is many people&#39;s favourite writer, she has never won a major prize before. It was a hugely signficiant moment, and of course for Faber to win [for the first time], having been shortlisted so many times, is a hugely significant moment.&quot;</p><p>She added that Faber was planning a marketing campaign &quot;for the next 12 months, to keep it selling as long as possible&quot;, and that high profile advertising would be forthcoming. Kingsolver is coming to the UK for a paperback tour in July. </p><p>Griffiths also paid tribute to the trade for having supported the book from launch. &quot;We put out a hardback last November, and the trade were unwavering it their support of it from day one,&quot; she said. &quot;They totally backed this from the off - including Sainsbury&#39;s, which in November is an extraordinary thing, so I feel it is great for everyone.&quot; </p>