Faber to relaunch site

<p>Faber is launching a new website with a fully integrated e-commerce facility. The new site, which will be live by the end of today (Wednesday), will be &quot;at the heart&quot; of Faber&#39;s new digital marketing strategy, the independent publisher said.</p><p>The site, which Faber said represented &quot;a complete re-think&quot; of its web presence, will be in a testing phase for the rest of this week. It will put authors at its centre, including video clips, interviews, podcasts, and a new blog including contributions from authors and editors.</p><p>The new e-commerce facility is fully integrated with TBS, which warehouses and distributes Faber books.</p><p>The site will also provide a platform for Faber&#39;s new print-on-demand imprint Faber Finds, encouraging readers to nominate books to bring back into print, and to provide &quot;wiki-style&quot; information on books being published.</p><p>A dedicated children&#39;s section is being added to the website, and all titles will be searchable through the use of &quot;theme&quot; tagging. The tagging approach was developed with Faber&rsquo;s digital marketing manager Matthew De Ville.</p><p>Faber is also planning a future content personalisation strategy which will be added post launch. Further developments will include a readers group area and an archive area.</p><p>The site, at www.faber.co.uk, has been created and built by digital agency Lateral. </p><p>&ldquo;We are thrilled to be re-launching the Faber website, which sits at the heart of our broader digital marketing strategy. The new site is a fantastic expression of our literary brand and our cultural identity and offers up exciting new ways of talking to our readers &ndash; including the passionate and dedicated communities that coalesce around our arts publishing,&rdquo; said marketing director Joanna Ellis.</p><p>&ldquo;The re-launch of our website is a major step in our digital plans, some of which we have already announced this year. The website will be at the centre of our communication with readers and the home for our new ventures, including Faber Finds, our music magazine Loops and our future digital book publishing. I&rsquo;m thrilled with this new incarnation of our website and with the potential to develop in exciting directions from here,&rdquo; added c.e.o. and publisher Stephen Page.</p>