Faber to publish 'shocking' teacher tale

Faber to publish 'shocking' teacher tale

Faber is preparing to publish a novel it has dubbed a "hand grenade tossed into the heart of the landscape of contemporary fiction".

Tampa is the UK debut of US novelist Alissa Nutting, and will be published on 5th September.

It is the story of an attractive schoolteacher in suburban Florida called Celeste Price, who has a dark secret—she is sexually attracted to 14-year-old boys. In the novel, she lures a new boy into her web with no concern for the consequences of her actions.

Lee Brackstone, creative director at Faber Social, said: "From Captain Ahab to Humbert Humbert to Patrick Bateman, the American novel has always flirted with the macabre, demonic, and downright nasty. The moral playing field is rarely level and any reader will come to Tampa with that ready awareness. It is impossible not to read this book and be shocked into a response. It is, quite simply, a hand-grenade tossed into the heart of the landscape of contemporary fiction. It will take casualties. It cannot be ignored."

UK and Commonwealth rights for the book, excluding Canada, were bought by Brackstone from Anna Webber at United Agents. It will be published by HarperCollins Ecco Press in the US, with rights already sold in seven other European languages.