Faber offers direct-to-consumer services through Firsty

Faber offers direct-to-consumer services through Firsty

Faber has partnered with digital specialists the Firsty Group to offer direct-to-consumer services for Factory clients.

The publisher will work together with Firsty to provide a range of services to other independents, including e-book conversion and distribution, app development, website packages and sales management.

Faber's director of independent services Will Atkinson said: "Faber is delighted to be partnering with the Firsty Group to offer a D2C solution for our client publishers which is fully integrated into the Factory service.

"Faber enjoys partnership, particularly with forward thinking companies, and this additional digital service will enable publishers to open up a new sales channel for eBooks and directly engage with their readers."

Darin Brockman, c.e.o. of Firsty said: "Publishers need to engage with readers in a way they've not had to before, and D2C opens the way for them to do just that. It's a powerful tool for building brand awareness and forging strong relationships with the book-buying public."

He added: "This partnership will hugely benefit independent publishers at a time when it's essential that they keep up with new technologies in the rapidly changing publishing environment."

Faber Factory Powered by Constellation is a joint venture between Faber in the UK and Perseus Books Group in the USA. It offers a range of digital services to more than 80 client publishers, offering digitisation, distribution and account management.